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Classic comfort

Classic comforts always hit the spot, especially on a Tuesday. This is our smoked beef brisket with horseradish mashed potatoes. And when we say smoked, we mean the old fashioned way: for hours in our on-site wood fired smoker!

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whole chicken cooked slowly

The absolute best way to cook a whole chicken is slowly, in a wood-fired grill. Lucky for us, we have the time and the place for doing just that! Come sit in the patio and enjoy the smells of all our tasty wood-fired entrees while you sip a cold one and bask in the weekend.

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Chili-Lime Brick Chicken

What your Tuesday needs: Chili-Lime Brick Chicken with pasilla pepper, polenta sticks, avocado, served over cilantro créme fraiche. Those salt crystals on top…literally mouth-watering.

brisket, chicken, and pork…

Sneak peak at our world famous brisket, chicken, and pork, all cooked low and slow in our oak wood fired smoker. Smells good over here…come down and order up! Take a look at our menu here to get prepared:

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The classic “Michelin Man”

Every respectable roadhouse has timeless art. The classic “Michelin Man” by Scott Green graces our walls, and keeps you company as you devour a burger just as classic.

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Thank you to all the beautiful mothers

A huge thank you to all the beautiful mothers who come in each day, and to those who celebrated with us at Buckeye yesterday. We are honored to be a part of your family’s traditions and memories. Cheers.

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Kitchen Crew!

Our kitchen crew is pretty great. This is the secret to our success and how we’ve stayed open so long: a team that works hard, works together, and loves Buckeye. Cheers to them and cheers to you for coming back again and again!